I rushed out of the house that day.  I thought I had grabbed two 5 dollar bills from my husband’s wallet. It wasn’t until I paid for breakfast that I realized I had mistakenly grabbed a 50 dollar bill from my husband’s wallet thinking it was a 5.  When lunchtime came around, I ate a 1/2 sandwich that was in my frig.  Then I went to a thrift store in the area.

As soon as I arrived to the lower level of the store, I saw a woman sitting on a table and crying and searching desperately as she emptied her purse saying to a man who was with her, “It’s not here.”

I approached her and asked her if everything was okay.  With tears in her eyes, she explained to me that someone must have stolen her money.  She cried and cried as she kept looking and said to me, “It was $150 to pay my bills, and I don’t have a job.”

50.jpgRealizing at this point that the $50 that I “mistakenly” took out of my husband’s wallet wasn’t really a mistake, I opened my wallet and took out the $50 and told her that I didn’t have $150, but I did have $50 and I wanted her to have them.  As I spoke to her, I felt a tug at my heart for the rest of the money in my wallet which was $6.  So I said to the woman, “Look, I have $6 left, but I want to give you all of what I have.”  Then I asked if I could pray for her.  She accepted. We talked a bit and exchanged numbers.

Later that evening while at another store trying to buy a new pair of shoes, I had a talk with Daddy God and said, “Lord, I’m glad I was able to help that lady and I would do it 10 times over again, but you know how much I needed that money.”

About 10 minutes later, my cell phone rang and when I answered, the lady said, “Jennifer?”  I answered and asked who it was.  She told me it was the woman I had given the money to.  She then said, “I want to give you your money back.”  “How could someone have returned her money?” I thought.  Didn’t she say that there was no identification? Thoughts raced through my mind as suspicion and doubt and fear came knocking.  Who was she?  Is this some sort of trick?  She insisted on returning the money and asked to meet me at the same place.

She then explained to me that someone found her little purse with the cash and the bank slip.  The gentleman took it to her bank and said to someone there that if it were his, he would want someone to do the same.

My heart was touched.  That purse had cash and no identification with it. It was found on the ground of one of the busiest shopping areas in town during the holiday season.

Sometimes we think that in responding in love to help others, that it’s all about the other person. That day my eyes were open to the goodness of God.  I learned that God doesn’t ask us to bless people without blessing us in the process.

Does that mean we should do things expecting something in return?  Never. But it does  mean that when we do things in love, it multiplies.