Two Words

This has been on my heart for two days. Never underestimate the power of simple words.
Before my Grandma had a stroke, we had one of our little talks. Joe called me, and he had two words from the Lord for her. “Ten paz” which means “Peace” or literally means “Have Peace.”

I can’t tell you how simple and powerful those two words were for her.  They were exactly what she needed.  They were simple enough to repeat to her, too during her transition to heaven. I reminded her of those words.  And my Mom posted a piece of paper in her hospital room as an encouragement to her also.

I realize that sometimes it feels good for us to give long prophetic words.  Words that sound deep.  Yes, they’re pretty cool.  But Jesus is simple, too.  When there was a storm, he said, “Peace, be still” (Mark 4:39.)

When Jesus raised the girl who was sleeping, he said “Talitha Cumi.”  He told her to arise. (Mark 4:41.)  When he called Lazarus from the dead, he said, “Come out” (John 11:43.)

A man approached my desk recently. It seemed like he needed something. I asked him and he said he just wanted to tell me that he liked my lamp. That simple compliment was timely.  Why?  Because shortly before that, I was encouraging myself to love a difficult person and rest in God’s love for me and her.

A simple compliment about my lamp reminded me of a recent dream I had.  In my dream, someone was turning off my lamp. And each time she did, I immediately turned my lamp on and spoke encouraging words to her. The man’s compliment was a reminder to me about “turning my heart light on” and keeping it on by responding in love.

When I had a chance, I thanked the man for his compliment.  I wondered if this man was prompted by the Holy Spirit to say it. Maybe he knew it and maybe he didn’t.  I didn’t go into much detail.  But I felt the need to tell him that sometimes the simplest words can be the most encouraging.

Years ago, I was in the hospital recovering from gall bladder surgery when I felt a strong urge to say “thank you” to the cleaning lady. And when I did, she returned to the room and told me no one had ever thanked her before.  Those two words touched her heart deeply.

Don’t ever underestimate the power of simple words. It only takes one in love to make a difference.



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