What If…

What if every negative thing anyone says to you is the total opposite of who you really are? What if the hurtful lies that are said about you are just a reflection of how that person sees him/herself?

What if we took the limits others placed on us and used them to propel us?

What if what we think we can’t do is really a lie we believed most of our lives?

What if because we believed the lie, we were the ones who placed the limits on ourselves? 

Think about it. 

I grew up with my grandparents and always spoke Spanish to them. My brother, on the other hand, stopped speaking Spanish at one point when he was younger.  I’m not sure why.  I wonder if it was because he was shy or if he mispronounced a word and was corrected. That same brother today has a Ph.D. in Social Linguistics and is a Spanish Professor.

I spent most of my life saying I didn’t know how to draw until someone told me one day approximately two or three years ago that I was an artist. It was as if her words breathed life into me.  It caused me to believe something about myself that I thought was a lie most of my life. Most of my children’s books were illustrated by me.  Why?  Because I believed I was an artist.


What if we dared to dream?  What would our dream look like?What if we pursued the very thing we thought we never could attain?  

What if we lived life without regrets?  

What if we laughed at offense? 

What if reading this blog post made you believe in someone?

And what if that someone was you?



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