A Call from HOPE

Cinderella.  Who doesn’t know the story, right?  A regular girl.  Someone hidden from the outside world.

She gets mistreated by her stepmom and sisters.  Then right when she thinks there’s no hope for her to get to the ball, a fairy pops up out of nowhere and Cinderella gets a make over.

It gets better.  She has the night of her dreams.  All eyes are on her, including the eyes of a young handsome prince.  I know.  It’s just a fairy tale.

But something got me thinking about that fairy tale recently. I got a call at work.  The woman’s name was Cinderella.  I thought that was pretty cool.  It definitely made me smile.

And then I thought about Cinderella and her glass slipper.  After having the night of her life, she lost a glass slipper.  And when the clock struck midnight, she became her regular self.

The special thing about the lost glass slipper was that it led the prince to the Cinderella in plain simple clothes. She wasn’t dressed in fancy clothes.  She probably didn’t even know how to get her makeup as perfect as it was when the fairy visited her.  But that didn’t matter.  Why? Because the prince had fallen in love. He knew what he was looking for and had found her.

I read somewhere that the moral of the story is about fighting for what you want and keeping a pure heart in the midst of it.  But maybe there’s more to it.

Maybe it was a story about identity.
Maybe it was about a girl who discovered her beauty in response to negativity.  Someone who discovered a happy ending to a messy start.  Maybe it was about a girl who saw that losing a glass slipper didn’t take anything away from her.  Losing it was what led her prince to someone she always was–HERSELF.  Maybe it was about HOPE.

I got a call from someone at work today. She said, “Jennifer, this is HOPE.”  It was the right call at the right time.  A reminder that hope was available.

It’s easy to forget sometimes.  I know. We can get so focused on what’s not happening that we forget what IS happening. It’s in those moments that we need to see with different eyes.

I looked at the word FEAR the other day.  And I noticed something I hadn’t noticed before. There was an EAR in fEAR.  And then I thought, what would happen if we took the time to look beyond the surface? Beyond the surface of others. Even beyond the surface of ourselves.  What if we looked beyond our circumstances?  What if for a minute we imagined getting a phone call from HOPE?  And what if HOPE said everything we needed to hear?  If HOPE had a voice, what would hope say to you?

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” – Jeremiah 29:11


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